Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Links Defect

Mum and Dad have bought Celeste a little golf set. She loves it very much, though she'll no longer be told how to swing a club.

I'm not sure why the Frozen dress is important to the process, but apparently it is

I dropped her off at Mum and Dad's the other day and she immediately wanted to play. I told her that'd I'd love to, but that I needed to get to work pronto. This didn't cut much ice and she set us up for a game.

"Celetste go first!" she announced happily, before using the club one handed to hit the ball three metres away (the hole was a metre in front of her).

"Daddy's go!" I was told.

I gave my ball a gentle tap with the cheap plastic club bounced twice on the hard floor and went straight into the hole.

Uh oh...

Celeste fixed me with a steely gaze.

"Again," she commanded, no longer smiling.

"Sweetheart...I really..." I tried.

"Again," she commanded in a voice like ice.

"I don't think that..."

"Again," she demanded, shoving the ball back into my hand.

I was late for work.

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