Friday, 10 June 2016


Celeste is asleep: she's has a busy day dancing around and playing with blue sand at her nursery. Lyn is asleep: she's had a hectic day at work and the small matter of a third-trimester pregnancy is tiring her out.

I am alone, for the first time in days.

The house is quiet.

I have complete freedom to do whatever I want.

What have I chosen to do?

I've spent thirty minutes making a picture reflect my concerns over the dark, autocratic themes in the gentle and beloved BBC children's' TV programme "In the Night Garden" and the fear of living under the Night Garden Emergency Act.

Dissent will not be tolerated

What is wrong with me? Is there literally nothing better I could've done with the time ? I could've folded up the washing, I guess. Oh my god - I'm so rock and roll. Past Mike would be horrified.

Oh good...9.30pm. Time for bed.

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