Sunday, 12 June 2016


For the last few nights, I've been demoted from Bedtime Story Reader. You see, I edited the end of "Chicken Licken" to make it for those involved and got caught out (the Ladybird book pictures are quite expressive!). I've had to sit in another room, while Lyn reads the bedtime story.

No longer.

I've been allowed back into Celeste's room, but I'm not allowed to help with her night time routine yet. That level of trust has got to be re-earned.

I'm allowed to sit there and play with a face flannel. If I stop, I'm being a naughty Daddy (apparently). Putting it on my head is not allowed. Putting it down my top is not allowed. I'm not sure what is allowed, but the list isn't long. How else can you play with just a face flannel?

If I'm good, I'll be upgraded to a thicker face flannel

Lyn will mess up, though. "The Gingerbread Man" is tomorrow's night time book and I know how that one ends...

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