Monday, 6 June 2016

Misty, water-coloured memories

Out of interest, this evening I asked Celeste what the best bits of our 4D-scan trip to Bury St Edmunds were. Maybe the picnic in the Abbey gardens?

Lovely. And memorable.

Perhaps it was seeing her baby sister smile for the first time?

Adorable. And memorable.

Perhaps it was Celeste's first ride on a carousel in the Arc Centre?

Exciting. And memorable.

Nope. When asked what the best bit of the "special family day" was, the answer was...'clips': an incident so unmemorable so had to ask Lyn what it was. We bought Celeste some sparkly hair clips from "Claire's".

What? I mean...what?

When pressed for further details, she thought for a very long time and replied: "Baby nose has two holes."

It's true. Count them.

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