Thursday, 2 June 2016

Beat, Beat, Stop

Hello, my name is Mike and I have a problem. Specifically, I'm a bit of a hypochondriac (though my wife might quibble over the qualifier 'bit').

He thinks he's safe, but the chemicals in the spray are dangerous too

I've always been that way, though getting a degree in a medicine-related science - but not actually medicine - makes it much worse. It lets you know all the ways that the human body can go wrong without letting you know how unlikely they are or how they can be cured.

That brings us to Commotio cordis, a condition that I tripped over on the internet last night.

Nuts...another thing that can go wrong with the body

It's pretty straightforward. If you take a blow to your chest above your heart within a 30-millisecond window, your heart stops beating and it's game over. As a brilliant comic once put it, you have an instadeath potential every time your heart beats.

The fact that the odds of getting struck in the right place are very small, the kinetic energy required needs a speeding hockey puck or higher and the odds of being hit at the right time are about 1%, is not much comfort. No Tarzan impressions for me today or, indeed, ever again. Possibly no more sleep either.

Apparently, there are websites that list things that can go wrong with toddlers and unborn babies. If I ever want a holiday from rational thought, I'll go and take a look.

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