Friday, 3 June 2016

Night Garden Emergency Act

I swear there's something wrong with my brain. Celeste, Lyn and I watch "In the Night Garden" sometimes. For those not in the know, it's a really lovely children's TV programme, designed to calm them down before bedtime. The characters are kind to each other and the adventures they go on are exciting but non-threatening.

Iggle Piggle and friends

Lyn and Celeste have cuddles and enjoy it thoroughly. I can't help but see something more sinister. Like...whenever they stray out of the garden's centre, the Haahoos turn up - gigantic creatures that bounce slowly towards them. You see, Teletubbies has rabbits that hop about, but "In the Night Garden" has nothing - just these few and no other animals, not even insects. Have the Haahoos eaten everything else? Are these six "the survivors"? 

Is this like the siege at the end of Night of the Living Dead?

I cite as evidence this chilling video clip below where they chase down the sole functioning train in the Night Garden. My palms sweat every time I watch it.

Run Ninky Nonk! Run!

How would Night Garden society deal with such an existential threat? Would there need to be some sort of military junta to organise the survivors?

Benevolent dictator?

I think I'd better not watch Night Garden anymore. It gives me bad dreams.

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