Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Home Dome is dark and full of terrors

Help, help, help. Due to a line fault, my internet's been reduced to 0.1Mbps - a 50th of what it was a few days ago. It's being repaired Saturday morning, but until internet TV.

Now I appreciate that this is very much a first world problem, but it had two serious knock-on effects:

1) No Game of Thrones - the internet, Twitter and Facebook are minefields of spoilers. I am giving those (slowly loading) threats a wide berth.

2) Much more serious - no evening Teletubbies for Celeste. It's a little ritual that we watch Teletubbies after dinner but with no internet TV, I'm forced into using the one episode I accidentally downloaded on one of my tablet's apps. I have watched this one episode again and again until my brain is starting to melt.

I  hope you all choke to death on Tubby Toast

"Again! Again!" spake the Celetubby as the episode mercifully ends.

If this guy can't fix the internet on Saturday, I'm going to drown myself in Tubby Custard.

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