Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sunless Skies Shanty

I really, really like the Fallen London universe. For those people who don't know, Failbetter Games - one of my favourite developers - wrote this amazingly intricate series of stories for their games Fallen London (a free online RPG) and Sunless Seas (an eldritch horror 'em up in a gigantic underground sea).

London gets stolen by space bats and stowed in a gigantic underground cave. If that doesn't pique your interest, you've probably not got a pulse.  Which can actually be a problem in this universe.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Guest Contributor: Celeste Chapman (aged 3 years and 2 weeks)

I have a magic cape that stops me from flying up into space. If I did, I'd miss my little sister. I have magic powers in my hands - SHAZAAM! This hand has run out of magic, so I need to use the other one for a while.

"Shazaam!" summons bottles of Fruit Shoot. It may take more than one incantation before Daddy gets off his bum and fetches one.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Toddler Swearing

Because Celeste is a toddler and has no swear words for when she gets annoyed, this week she's been creating her own. Imagine these shouted by a pig-tail framed cross face and you get the idea. Translations required, please.

  • Fatcha-batcha!
  • Fireworks!
  • Fireworks on you! (accompanied by a throwing hand movement)
  • Vasha-wazza-vazza!
  • Scap! (also accompanied by a throwing hand gesture)
It's extremely cute, but laughing at her about it rarely makes the situation any better. I said "No...fireworks on you!" one time as a joke and she started crying. I am not a good parent. I'm not even sure what I was apologising for.

I assumed that it's explicit. I have no idea what any of them mean.