Sunday, 5 June 2016

Baby Chapman 2: The New Batch

If you don't want to see what a baby looks like, turn away now!

Wow. Just wow. Today, we all had a big family outing to Bury St Edmunds and had a 4D scan done of Baby Chapman II. This isn't what frequenters of theme park cinemas might think it is (ie. surround sound, getting blasted in the face with jets of air and amniotic fluid) nor is it a 5D scan as sci-fi readers might imagine (pictures of your baby from alternate realities). It is an amazing 3D moving image of the incoming hurricane.

Chilling with her arms up by her ears and, apparently, a thick head of hair already!

A smiling...pirate?

This baby is already so wriggly that the attendant was having to chase her round and round with the probe. I suspect that explains the smirk on photo #2.

Celeste had her attention torn between the free crayons and the video feed of her new sister, but behaved very well. At the end, she even lectured the attendants on how important it was to clear up after yourself. Now all I need to do is train her how to hold a chimney brush and I'm set.

The nice lady also confirmed that the baby is indeed a girl, which is an enormous relief as I can no longer find the receipts for all the pink baby clothes I've been buying.

There is video, which I'd like to put up, but it's 30 minutes long and much of it is pretty fuzzy. I'll gather up the good bits and post them up on a different day.

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