Sunday, 26 June 2016

Celeste at the Ballet

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Celeste at her dance class, a pleasure not diminished by the temperature of the room (slightly less than the surface of the sun) and the humidity (Bangladesh in monsoon season). Given all the trouble that her hypermobility's given her with getting on to her feet and moving, seeing her enjoying her baby ballet was just wonderful.

Time to wave some ribbons around!

I think she's more interested in looking after the dolly than tiptoeing around it

Putting her dance partner to bed

Her reward for all her hard work!

As Celly's dad, I think the thing that's made me happiest is how she's trying out all the dance moves at home. I know she's behind nearly everyone in her balance and co-ordination, but things like this will help so much. Roll on next weekend!

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