Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Life decisions

Celeste went to the zoo today with my Mum and Dad and saw lions and parrots and other animals that I can't understand when she says. She's had a picnic, a huge ice-cream and got to see the tortoises being fed. After that, she had a nap in the sunshine.

I spent today in a computer lab with the blinds drawn (because otherwise the screens are invisible in direct sunlight), listening to my students stress about their imminent exams. I am so very, very envious.

Lesson learned: Don't ever grow up.

On the writing front, I'm aiming to get something submitted for a competition on the 16th May, except that the word limit is 1700. My entry isn't finished yet and it's creeping north of 2000. I suspect that a heavy session with the editor's pen is in order.

Or I could play Battlefleet Gothic on my PC for a while.

Choices, choices.

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