Thursday, 26 May 2016

Jurassic Lark

So this week, Celeste's grandparents have been away on holiday. Usually she's with them a few days a week while her Mum and I are both at work, so she's missing them terribly. The biggest confusion for her is why they've gone on holiday. Explaining this to a little person to whom going to a new shop is a holiday was tricky.

In the end, I decided to explain that her Nanny and Grandad wanted to explore somewhere new. This seemed to work for a while, because there was a long pause.

"Looking for dinosaurs, maybe?" came the answer

Majorca, today

Further questioning of my little person revealed a concern that her beloved Nanny and Grandad might be eaten by dinosaurs on their holiday. To allay those fears, I showed her a picture of the lovely villa they're staying at.

Infested with dinosaurs

"Black dinosaurs in the trees!" she said, pointing at nothing in particular. Nothing I said would convince her otherwise.

"Little black dinosaurs babies, friendly," she explained. "Big black dinosaurs scary."

I nodded.

"Eat Nanny 'n' 'Dandad?" she asked, worry crossing her face for the first time.

"No, I'm sure they'll be fine," I reassured her.

"Why?" came the inevitable reply.

"Because they'll be really brave and..." I started before starting to founder. "And run away!"

Celeste nodded sagely, satisfied with that contradiction.

Rude, takes up all the space in the swimming pool, carnivorous

Lesson learned: Big black dinosaurs are dangerous, but the little black ones are fine.

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