Sunday, 23 October 2016

Found Footage

The following is a true story, pieced together from fragments posted on Facebook, of one man's descent into madness.

#1 - I swear that grindy, monotonous mobile games have been specifically designed for the 'trapped on a toddler's floor because they won't settle to sleep' segment of the market #Level81 (9.11pm)

I'd been there an hour by this point

#2 - Oh no! 14% power left and she wakes up whenever I move! Send help! (9.15pm)

#3 - Damn it - coughed and she woke up. She gets upset whenever I try to go. 10% power (9.20pm)

#4 - Can she see me make a break for the door from this angle? 8%... (9.30pm) 


#5 - Yes. Yes, she can. 7%. (9.32pm)

#6 - She's whispering something to her dolly. I've been trapped here so long that I suspect conspiracy. 6% (9.45pm)

#7 - Nuts. On to emergency power. Can boredom be fatal? I guess I'll be finding out really soon. 4%. (9.48pm)

#8 - She's turned over to face away from me. If I can touch the door's edge and open it quietly, I might be able to slither out on my belly. 2%. (9.53pm)

#9 - Nope. Do not go quietly into that good night! 1%. (9.55pm)

At this point, it is believed that the power failed on the gentleman's phone. For another twenty minutes, there was only silence until...

#10 - EPILOGUE: Using my phone as a periscope, I spotted a gap in the surveillance and made my move before the power gave out. Escape, but at what cost? Another soul trapped in my place. Goodbye Lyn - you will be missed. Wife, mother, sacrificial lamb. (10.15pm)

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