Monday, 3 October 2016

Do you expect me to talk?

Never, ever trust toddlers with secrets.
It's Lyn's birthday this week and I thought it might be nice to include Celeste in some of the decision-making, so I took her to help me pick the cake at the supermarket.

ME: Okay Celeste. We're going to buy Mummy this cake and other birthday things, but you must promise not to tell her about it.

CELESTE: Must promise! Okay!

ME: It's top secret, so when we go home - no telling Mummy.

CELESTE: Okay! Shhh...secret!

ME: If Mummy asks where we've been, what do you say?

CELESTE: Nuffin'!

ME: Exactly.

Celeste and I go into the house.

CELESTE: Mummy! Mummy! We've got a secret!

LYN: Oh?

CELESTE: We've bought you special cake!

ME: Celeste, I...

CELESTE: And pink balloons!

ME: We said it was going to be a...

CELESTE: And pink candles!

ME: It was top secret!

CELESTE: Daddy said he hidden presents in office!

"Do you expect me to talk? Then I'll begin. Would you like my secrets in chronological order or in order of importance?"

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