Thursday, 13 April 2017

Episode VIII: The Baby Awakens

Good grief - has it really been a month since I last posted here? Since Aurora's sleeping patterns have shifted, it feels like longer. It used to be that I'd get up at 6 am and get some writing done while the house was asleep. Now that she wakes up at 6.15 and Celeste wakes up before Aurora's morning nap, I'm down to an hour in the evenings.

However, I haven't been idle in all this time...

Big news...

Tadah! I've finally finished editing and formatting all the stories I wrote for the New Baby Challenge. It's been a long, gruelling and extremely fragmented process, but it's finally done!

I've written up a nice preface, tidied up the stories hopefully without changing them too much and written each of the people I wrote the story for a little haiku (though I am claiming no mastery of the art form at all!). If you fancy the whole smack in one easily accessible form, it's there for the princely sum of 99p. Amazon will then give you a £1 credit, which means that buying my anthology actually nets you a tiny profit. Weird, but good.

A friend has suggested getting Amazon's paperback printing service set up, but - unfortunately - it requires different formatting to the ebook and whenever I go to work on it, one of my children wakes up.

Back to the grindstone 😃

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